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AG² is HL2DM regular Multiplayer with additional features that make the game faster and more addictive and fun to play. The Tau Canon aka Gauss, longjump pack, bunny hopping, wall jump, brightskin models and hitsound are part of it for instance. And there are a lot of other additions that make this mod...

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3 main offers
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StarMade VQS
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Spring discount
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VeryGames Winter Sales
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22.10.2013 by J@nek

Paranormal Offer

Our sponsor VeryGames launched the Paranormal offer.


02.09.2013 by J@nek

3 main offers

Verygames just announce 3 very promising offers related to:

Cube World announce
Minecraft & StarMade

05.07.2013 by J@nek

StarMade VQS

Our sponsor VeryGames just launched an new offer for STARMADE.


24.04.2013 by J@nek

Spring discount

Hi all,

Spring is here and the Spring Discount from our partner Verygames as well. It is not less than 30% off on all VG store from 24th april to 5th may.


06.02.2013 by J@nek

VeryGames Winter Sales

Our sponsor VeryGames is announcing his Winter Sales for a great 30% off between 31st of january and 10th of februray 2013.


14.12.2012 by J@nek

VG: Christmas discount

Our sponsor Verygames is launching his Christmas discount today.
It is as usual a very good for all of us: gamers.


07.12.2012 by J@nek

VG : lower prices for Minecraft VQSi servers.


Our sponsor VG is happy to announce lower prices for Minecraft VQSi servers.


29.10.2012 by J@nek

VG launches "Medal of honor Warfighter"

Our sponsor VeryGames just launches Medal of Honor Warfighter.
You can order ranked servers now.


25.07.2012 by J@nek

Serv'UP, CS:GO and Shootmania

Our sponsor Verygames is making very big announcements. The first one is related to Serv'UP, the second one to CS:GO and Shootmania.

* Serv'UP
Server Pack and Server Only are retired and replaced by Serv'UP = This server is UP to you. It means that it's up to you to choose:
- your game server
- your voice server as well as web hosting and domain name
- your options
Very attractive prices stating at 5.99€/month.


* CS:GO and Shootmania
Beta servers for CS:GO and Shootmania are now available for you to test these great games.


23.06.2012 by J@nek

Summer discount

Hi all,

Summer is here and the Summer Discount from our partner Verygames as well. It is not less than 30% off on all VG store.


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